Thai foods are different in every parts of Thailand. Another type of Thai food that connected to every one is “Khao Tom Kui”. Best known as after party supper, driver’s favorite place along highways and popular urban diner at night . It is like “Diner” in Western. Diners is a type of small restaurant to share nostalgic, retro style, prefabricated and offer a wide range of foods a casual atmosphere where one can eat any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time of the day.

Local diner was a great place for friends to meet, eat and drink.

“Khao Tom Kui” is a mixed culture with Thai and Chinese which usually served with variety of authentic side dishes. Side dishes are prepared on a rotary basis including stewed, pickle products and dry ones such as stewed duck, pickle cabbage, sweet Chinese sausage, sun-dried pork etc. The dishes served will include both “Khao Tom” and standard dishes that can be ordered specially and will be cooked to order.

The evening hours are to accommodate customers out for their evening meal as well as those more interested in drinking whiskey or beer, who will order the “Kap Klaem” (Thai styled drinking dishes) intended to be eaten with alcohol.

Thank you for dining at our restaurant and hope you will enjoy most of our traditional dishes.